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In 2023, Brazil witnessed a dynamic M&A landscape with 1,042 transactions, where 28% were cross-border, indicating a 31% decrease in deal volume compared to the previous year, amounting to approximately US$165 billion.

Inbound transactions numbered 228, reflecting a 30% decrease from 2022, showcasing notable deals in sectors such as Computer Services/Software, Business Services, Financial Services, and Consumer. Outbound transactions, numbering 60, experienced a 33% decrease from the previous year, featuring key sectors like Computer Services/Software, Financial Services, Industrial, and Consumer. Brazil, being the largest Latin American economy, provides diverse M&A opportunities driven by abundant natural resources, a rapidly growing economy (3% growth expected in 2024), and favorable conditions for foreign investors. However, challenges persist, including high inflation, government debt, fiscal deficit, unemployment, and political instability. Concerns also encompass corruption, crime, social inequality, and productivity stagnation. With the 9th largest global GDP, a population of 217 million, a GDP of US$2.2 trillion, an inflation rate of 4.7%, and FDI reaching US$91.5 billion in 2023, Brazil remains a significant player in the emerging and developing economies.
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