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In 2023, Mexico saw a vibrant M&A landscape, with 205 transactions shaping the market dynamics. Inbound deals comprised 161 transactions, amounting to US$11.0 billion, marking a decline from the previous year in both the number of transactions (40 fewer) and value (US$7 billion less).

Outbound transactions numbered 44, representing US$2.1 billion – an increase in transactions compared to 2022, but with a decreased cumulative value. Key sectors for inbound transactions included Real Estate (16.1% of total), featuring notable acquisitions like Fibra Prologis' (~US$230.0 million). Industrial (14.2% of total) showcased Kloeckner's US$340.0 million acquisition of Natl. Material, while Financial Services (13.0% of total) saw Visa's acquisition of PROSA. On the outbound front, Industrial led with 20.5% of total transactions, featuring Grupo Lamosa's US$452.5 million acquisition of Baldocer. Financial Services accounted for 10.2%, including Estela's acquisitions. Consumer represented 7.6% of total outbound transactions, with Grupo Bimbo's notable deals. Mexico's annual growth of 3.0-4.0%, the key sectors for 2024 (Fintech, healthcare, energy, automotive), and the crucial role of nearshoring and U.S.-Mexico trade all contribute to its investment climate. However, challenges such as inflation and local risk perception exist, and the 2024 elections in the U.S. and Mexico could influence investment trends. Despite challenges, a gradual recovery is expected in the M&A outlook, anticipating an increase in transaction numbers and values.

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